About me & this blog




I AM Mariana Carpanezzi, also known as Surina. Writer, illustrator, Brazilian. (www.surinamariana.com)

THIS BLOG IS A BILINGUAL WEEKLY JOURNAL I started in January, 2016, and touches only upon matters of intimate spiritual investigation. THIS BLOG IS AN EXPERIMENT TO DEAL WITH PAIN after I returned to my home country to encounter everything ruined inside and outside no new age dreams here, dear reader, and it may be that some texts will meet your own pain. THIS BLOG IS A BOAT  I use to navigate the waters of change in my own journey and as a mirror to reflect me back to the spirit, beyond the journey itself. THIS BLOG IS A RECORD of the year 2016 and of myself in it. THIS BLOG WORKS LIKE THIS: every week, usually on Sundays, I  publish a fresh text and a fresh illustration of my own. THIS BLOG IS HERE TO TELL YOU STORIES OF BECOMING, so just like you I am curious to know if there will be a happy ending.


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